samedi 30 novembre 2013

Algorithms - a Debut (I)

Have you ever realized that Algorithms are omnipresent in our daily life?
For instance, reckoning bills and coins, consuming a beverage in a café, or taking the bus back and forth, are actions that involve a sequence of endeavors performed with the aim to achieve an eventual purpose.

Philosophically, I hope it is eligible to assert that an algorithm could be described as "Meta-Actions": Actions about Actions (imitating the definition of Meta-Data: Data about Data).

Nowadays, computer programmers are the main population that is concerned, or haunted, to some extent, by the consumption of the rules and laws offered by the field of Algorithms, to produce solutions whenever applicable, within the obfuscated realm of zeros and ones.

Indeed, a computer programmer in the twenty first century is someone who should acquire a training in basic algorithm, combined with a programming language (distinct courses, respectively), data structures, algorithm analysis along with, for instance, computer architecture, operating systems, compilers, and/or many more ...

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